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Why not generate profit for your town or city businesses by introducing a range of map consumables.

We often receive calls from business owners and residents to provide copies of our maps in various formats to adorn their premises as well from tourist to deliver a memento of their visit.

An example was a call from a tourist for a print as a memento of a great holiday spent in Royal Leamington Spa at A0 size (841 x 1189mm / 33.1” x 46.8”) for his hallway but of course he was American. In Boston, Lincolnshire a resident had converted a ‘shed’ into a games room complete with bar for his family and friends and was surprised to see it on the town map. A Canvas print now decorates his bolt hole.

Said Roz Mills “Once I started the Perth Jigsaw, I couldn’t stop I finally placed the last piece in at 4am. I leant so much about the city it really focused my mind because each time you are concentrating on such a small area. It would be great for school kids learning about their environment.”

We list below some suggested products to whet your appetite which can be ordered using any map shown in the mapping gallery on this site,contact us by email with quantity for prices.

Jigsaws 500 piece 32 x 48cms, 1000 piece 48 x 68cms, 1500 piece 67 x 68cms, 2000 pieces 68 x 93cms

Mugs in gift boxes of 1, 6 or 12

Cushions 27 x 27cms, 45 x 45cms, 60 x 60cms

Canvas Prints 40 x 30cms, 50 x 40cms, 30 x 20cms

Acrylic Prints 40 x 30cms, 75 x 50cms, 50 x 40cms


Historical Data

Historical Data

For future historians, buried beneath Cleopatra’s Needle is a wide range of artefacts including a set of period coinage, Bibles, Bradshaw's Railway Guide, baby’s bottle, smoker’s pipe and cigars.