Historical Data

Historical Data

Camomile Street derives its name when in the Middle Ages there was a camomile-covered wasteland here. The herb was gathered and sold in local markets.

Meet the Team

I think it was Sir Francis Bacon who said Half of science is putting forth the right questions. A very perceptive observation, which should not be limited to science. Some years ago a prospective client said to me I never knew the questions existed to which you have given answers.

The ability to ask the right questions stems only from the team’s knowledge and experience.

The Creative Team

Blending together the three disciplines of Graphic Design, Illustration and Mapping to achieve outstanding results but not everything is compatible…


Derek Reed

Project Manager

Derek is our mapping guru and project manager. He has led enormous projects like the re-mapping of Nigeria and Sierra Leone, and introduced the concept of politically coloured terrain mapping for the Caribbean, a style later adopted by the Ordinance Survey.

Derek was involved with GPS during the war following the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 but since then he has specialised in Town and City Centre mapping. In 2001 he started Silvermaze and in 2004 developed with Nick the 3D Modern style, a computerised alternative to the hand-drawn design.

The Incompatibility? A keen but high handicap golfer. He says on his sport “Apparently it’s all about consistency; trouble is my biggest consistency is my inconsistency!”


Nick Hawken

Graphic Design

Nick has over thirty years’ experience in technical and airbrush illustration for engineering, publishing and advertising. Nick can also produce breath-taking illustrations, a skill invaluable when Derek was developing the 3D modern style.

Nick’s illustrations have been commissioned by advertising agencies, magazines and most of the larger educational publishers both in digital and traditional formats.

The Incompatibility? A very experienced, multi-competition winning, field archer, coach and coach trainer. Nick makes his own traditional bows, arrows and arrowheads, a welcome break from the computer screen.

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Howard Lewis-Baker

Graphic Design

BA Honours graduate in Graphic Design with now over twelve years’ experience in graphic design covering print, branding and online design.

Since working with Derek Howard has developed a wonderful ability for hand-drawn and computerised map graphics. His cross discipline design experience means he can create cohesive design integrating existing company corporates or starting from scratch.

The Incompatibility? Skis on snow says it all…


Tracey Fillingham


Although Tracey denies it, the rest of the team firmly believe her past was in the military. Her administration is first class providing we remember to do our part.

Tracey takes care of our accounts and looks after our marketing and nags us about receipts, time sheets and alike.

The Incompatibility? Apart from dog walking, the occasional jog and cycle avoids sport.