The Roman town of Caerleon

Client Objective

Wayfinding and promotion with visitor attractions highlighted in 3D

Production Comment

“Why did they need a toilet so big?” A classic question raised whist surveying this incredible compact Roman Fortress town, well worth a visit, everything within easy walking distance including the golf, rugby, bowling and football clubs. The question arose when surveying and photographing the remains of a Roman ruins. A family was stood in one corner where there was an illustration of soldiers going about their business in the communal toilet, when mum asked me “Do you know anything about this site?.” “A little” I replied. “Why did they need a toilet so big?” “No madam, this was the barracks, you’re standing in the toilet” With a shriek she quickly vacated the area. “I wouldn’t worry” I said “I shouldn’t think there is anything in there, they left about nineteen hundred years ago!” Most surveys I have done over the years involve speaking with curious locals and this was no exception, they were keen to tell me the history of their town including why the Royal Standard always flies, but that’s another story. It was though the first time I have been recruited to help find a runaway dog!


To date we have supplied A4 tear-off map pads as well as supplying and fitting permanent Di-bold Aluminium A0 signs to car parks. The latter have proved so popular that we have now supplied Forex you are here A1 signs to 5 additional areas in the town centre.