Client Objective

This map was produced for a diverse group of partners, each having their own objective. These were Buckinghamshire County Council, High Wycombe Town Centre Partnership, Wycombe District Council and the NHS. The latter wanted to promote walking. The Partnership, a Town Centre 3D Guide. The District Council, the complete area. The County Council wanted signage and were controlling the budget.

Production Comment

The budget was not available for the whole district to be completed in 3D, so we completed the town centre in 3D, which was cropped for the VistaGram® ® Little Book, and drew the rest of the map in stylised 2D. The NHS walks started in the outer 2D area and entered the Town Centre 3D area. All was within budget. Often town centre information points become untidy as notices are added, we completed the prints with sections so that pinned notices would be contained and look tidy. See also High Wycombe in 2D/3D Combination.


Signage, VistaGram® ® Little Book and Interactive Website.


“Their (Silvermaze) flexibility and willingness to meet our diverse needs and deadlines was a key part in delivering this project successfully. I would definitely recommend them for all your mapping needs.”
Tanveer Ghani – Buckinghamshire County Council