Leamington 2017 10 Layers

Client Objective

To produce a map popular with residents and visitors that covered the wider area of Royal Leaminton Spa within a specific budget

Production Comment

Before commissioning a new map to cover the wider area of Leamington, BidLeamington undertook a survey of residents and visitors to see which, from a number of samples, the preferred style was and whether a standard north facing map or heads up mapping was preferred. The result was overwhelmingly in favour of the ‘3D’ Modern Map produced by Silvermaze originally in 2012 but north facing.

However, this result created two problems, perspective and budget. The favoured full 3D map was originally commissioned drawn at an angle 5° NE, whereas the new map was to face direct North. The original map was in full 3D and to extend the map to the wider area in the same style was far beyond the client’s budget.

The decision thus was to create a 2D map but to extract areas from the full 3D version swivel to face north and drop into the new map, whilst extending the park areas across the whole map.


“Great, the new map with its flexible layering is an excellent step forward and I can’t wait to see it in print and on signs” Stephanie Kerr BidLeamington