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It has been mentioned elsewhere in this website but it is worth repeating, that our one-map-fits-all policy ensures our maps can be used on a multitude of products.

Maps can be easily modified to use on small items such as business cards or subject to mega enlargements for window decals, office decoration and wall maps for planning.

A number of BIDS and Councils are opting to use shop interior decals to cover the windows of vacated premises. The advantage of using a map for this function is that they can be themed to promote the location of ‘live’ businesses such as Restaurants. The Hinckley example is such a case where the map is accompanied by a complete shopping directory.

It is worth visiting other places on this website like Little Book, Town Info Centres, Small Print and New Map Formats to examine the flexibility of our product.

Historical Data

Historical Data

Cheapside derives from the Saxon ‘ceap’ to sell or barter. This street was the main market from its earliest history and the street Poultry was the area of the market that sold poultry.