Map Print


Maps can be printed offering an array of techniques, sizes and functionality. For convenience and durability we recommend our Znapfold and Little Book formats. Both the Znapfold and the Little Book have rigid covers with the latter supplied folded to either credit card or pocket size whereas the former includes both these and many other size options. See video and more information on these two innovative folds.

No matter what hardcopy you require the personnel, first class materials and equipment used ensure high quality print at all times. The on-line folding and cover system for the Little Book alongside epitomises the wide range of finishing options available for both map and general printing, which are illustrated better on our commercial print page.

We do also offer a fulfilment service when required. For Bradford City Council we deliver City Centre Map Pads direct to their Hotels, Visitor Centres and Shopping Centre Information Desks.



Standard Maps

These days a self-cover map A4 and A3 folded to third A4 to fit a standard DL envelope proves particularly popular. Both these sizes are also popular as map pads for Hotels, Visitor Centres and Shopping Centre Information Desks to offer wayfinding advice at an economical price.

Maps can be supplied up to A0 size with either self or separate cover. We have also taken an extract of a map and printed a Council’s Christmas Card, which is shown alongside. To give you an idea of non-limitation on sizes check out our display and signage pages

Business Cards and Postcards

The image alongside shows the Christmas event postcard produced for Covent Garden, details and timetable of proceedings were printed on the reverse. 100,000 were printed and not one copy was found discarded!

As you would expect we add another dimension by including maps on our own business cards so we know they will reproduce at the smallest scale.

Postcards are a proven, smart, economical and valued method of promoting a location, town or event. Alternatively they can simply guide people to your door  as shown in the first image where our client Corren Troen does exactly that; guiding visitors from the station through the narrow complex streets of Victoria, London. A retailer in Covent Garden order a series of extracts to offer them for sale.


Historical Data

Historical Data

Charles II gave the freehold of 79 Pall Mall to his famous Nell Gwynn, which is why it is now the only property on the south side of Pall Mall not owned by the crown.