The Little Book

block-the-little-book LittleBook1B LittleBook1C

This short video shows how, with a touch of imagination, the Little Book can create a stunning, informative and innovative promotion tool or town guide.

The Little Book reads like a book, opens like a map, is small in size yet huge in content. The Little Book is convenient and the user will seldom discard it ensuring longevity and repeated use.

Produced in two sizes Pocket and Credit Card

  • Pocket size: 105 x 65mm opening up to A3 297 x 420mm
  • Credit Card size : 85 x 55mm opening up to 240 x 345mm

We have proven beyond doubt our ‘rarely discarded’ claim and cite two London campaigns as proof. Campaign One: Given away with London’s Evening Standard Newspaper  50,000 in Covent Garden in one day – Found discarded? None! Campaign Two: 100,000 in Victoria Station over two days – Found discarded? One! How did we verify these figures? In a promotion of this nature the distributor is responsible for their product causing litter, thus post campaign the distribution area is searched for discarded materials. For innovative counter top display See our Fabulous Counterpoint Little Book system.

Historical Data

Historical Data

In 1750 Henry Fielding introduced the first police force, the Bow Street Runners. They were known as the ‘Robin Redbreasts’ due to their red waistcoats.