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A map created to best reflect your town or city, no matter what style, involves investment and a decision process, so why not utilise its full potential? enables a digital version to locate and promote your businesses and interest site in cyberspace. will transform your static customised vector map into a versatile connection and promotion hub with the ability to pinpoint and relay the products sold by even your smallest stallholder.

It forms part of your website to promote your location’s facilities on mobile, tablet, desktop or kiosk, presenting your corporate style and your map, whether 2D or 3D, to match all your printed media and signage.

It is an enigma why a city or town takes time and investment creating a customised map that meets their design and usage aspirations on print and signage only to opt for Google maps on the website.

Use your customised map interactively.

Intermap Search

Search by category, business name or type, place or street name.

Intermap Select

Selecting from the search options results provides main information, product or facia picture, contact details, social media and location.

Intermap Detail

Businesses and establishments can add full information through a password protected system that allows  text, images and video to provide detailed information, daily menus or special offers.

Intermap Communicates and Organises

Communicate with your selection through Intermap via email, social media or messaging services such as Whats App. Businesses can confirm appointments and bookings; individuals can organise socila gatherings and restaurant books through the powerful ‘Meet me here’ facility

Watch the video and try the Annapolis version

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