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We have a one map fits all policy, our master map will accommodate all your requirements whether postcard, pocket map, map pads, display, signage and/or internet.


Good quality maps are seldom discarded particularly in our ultra-convenient, information rich Znapfold & Little Book formats. We print maps in a range of sizes and styles from business cards to A0 size with self or seperate cover.


Innovative high quality booklets

Our unique, information intensive, customised Znapfold and Little Book overcome the problem of too much to say and not enough room to say it. Either can be supplied in our customised Counterpoint boxes. They range from sizes small enough to fit the wallet, pocket or larger. Excellent format for town guides as well as non-map products like catalogues and manuals.

Znapfold, sometimes referred to as Z card, simply snaps open and turns over. They can be supplied in sizes from credit card up to A5 and DL. The standard cover size is 108 x 78mm printed on 300gsm art with rounded corners. The insert is printed on 90gsm stay-fold paper and measures 297 x 420 (A3) with 3 x 6 panels measuring 99 x 70mm

The Znapfold is Child’s Play

Watching an adult refold a standard map can be very comical for the onlooker although quite frustrating for the user.

However, as this four year-old young lady demonstrates the Znapfold is child’s play.

The Little Book reads like a book, opens like a map and flips up to reveal even more information. Small in size but huge in content.

The Little Book is available in both credit card and pocket sizes, the latter our most popular, has a cover size of 105 x 65mm with a 5mm spine and printed on 300gsm art card, the insert is 297 x 420mm (A3) on 90gsm stay-fold paper with 3 x 7 panels of 99 x 60mm.

The Little Book in Action

The video alongside shows the action of the Little Book using the product produced for the renown engineers Arup.

The story gradually unfolds by first reading like a book, it explains what goes on behind the scenes with London’s infrastructure; opening like a map presents their projects on a diminished coloured London 3D map; flipping up decribes the projects in detail.

So much information in such a little product.

Little Book and Znapfold Display Boxes.

Counter display boxes offer a publication promotional focal point that keeps copies in a pristine condition.

These optional boxes are printed to match the corporate design of the content and embrace 100 copies of either the standard Little Book or Znapfold product.

Counterpoint displays are engineered using 230gsm board with corrigation, printed in full colour, gloss laminated and available with a minimum order of 5,000 booklets. They can be designed free by us or by your own design agency according to our template. Counterpoint boxes are priced on application.

Standard Map Print

The most economic and popular size is either A4 or A3 folded to a third A4 to fit a standard DL envelope or perspex stand. The latter making it particularly useful in Visitor Centres, Shopping Centres and Hotels.

However we can advance through A2, A1, A0 and odd sizes with seperate or self cover.

Postcards, Christmas Cards and Wot Nots

The most successful Covent Garden Festival programme was on a map printed postcard 100,000 were printed and not one was found discarded. People do not discard unique quality items.

Business, Post or Christmas Cards, but why stop there just use your imagination Beer Mats, Mugs, Jigsaws, Cushions or maps printed on canvas to bring interest to any wall.

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