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London Maps

We have four maps of Central London with differing areas of coverage.

‘2D’ with the widest area of coverage – ‘2D/3D Combination’, the same ‘2D’ map with certain buildings added in ‘3D’ – ‘3D Classic’ – ‘3D Modern’ the smallest area of coverage. The full extent of coverage of each style can be seen in our map gallery

These maps can be overlaid with information for us to print as seen in our map gallery or we can supply free an extract of your area for your website it will though contain our website URL.

London '2D'

Standard street map with building shapes (which can be deleted), places of interest, London Underground Stations and Railway Termini highlighted

London '2D/3D' Combi

The London 2D map but with additional 3D buildings in place. Other buildings can be addedat cost.

London '3D' Modern

The style, designed by Silvermaze, that received the accolade from the Independent Newspaper of “being the finest example of 21st century mapping”.  It disposed of the term cartoon mapping and led to numerous copycat versions.

London '3D' Classic

The traditional ‘3D’ style before the more exacting Modern versions and although sometimes referred to as cartoon mapping is still popular.

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